Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Day 2013

On Opening Day, optimism springs anew. Baseball is back ladies and gentlemen. The 2013 season has begun. And for Mets fans, the wondering has begun. What will we get from this team? How will Jon Niese react to suddenly becoming the de facto Ace of the staff? Will Matt Harvey continue his meteoric rise to stardom? Will we see the anemic first half Ike, or the power hitting slugger of the later months? Will Captain America perform as well now that he is officially Captain Met? (My predictions, for what its worth, are quite well, absolutely, Power hitter, and very much yes). But optimism is quite often tempered in by realism. So to inaugurate this new blog, I'll start off with my official 2013 New York Mets season prediction:

81 Wins

The Mets will be exactly a .500 team this year. No more, no less. I think Niese will win 14. Harvey 15 or 16. Wheeler probably 8-10 (depending on when he's brought up). I'm guessing Wright will have 30HR, 100+ RBI, and 20 stolen bases. For Ike, 35HR, 100+ RBI.

But then again, who knows. I'm no expert. Just a guy with a keyboard, a tv, and way too much free time on his hands (relatively speaking).


- The Penguin